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Padel forehand technique tips a complete guide

Padel forehand technique tips a complete guide

padel forhand technique

Forehand technique can improve your padel experience, this is an ultimate rule to roll the dice from defensive to offensive.

Defensive shots are typically used by most players at the back of the track. But did you know that hitting a straight-handed smacked ball across the middle of the plate might speed up the game? With this strike, we’ll complete a crucial step in our shift from defence to offence.

Use of forehand technique for Seasoned athlete

Firstly, To start, distinguish to two heights, one above the belt and the second below the belt, at the rear of the track forehand will mainly give you a defensive shot, that’s we should make sure to attack the opponent below the belt.

Let’s have a glimpse over the Tips step by step;

Tip 1: Restoration of support

Restoration of support is the key step that would appear to us at each shot. When the opponents hit, we jump slightly in front of them while holding the pala in front of us with both hands.

We could have the same response by this regain of downforce even though we are playing a forehand or a backhand.

Tip 2- Preparation

Once you recover the pressure you will come to know whole about the stroke (Forehand or backhand) you should play next.

One time-saving tip you should know, put the pala exactly right behind you and give your best to pin the rear window.

Tip 3- Frist step

In the first step, there are two methods. When the ball is shorter or if you want to be a bit more aggressive, you can either take a first step forward or backwards to allow yourself more time to play the ball.

Being a right-handed person, you should put the pala at the back and take one step back with your right leg in the direction of the pala. When you put your left leg forward, so between the net post and the track’s centre, place your front foot.

And the above procedure will be vice versa in the case of a left-handed person.

Tip 4- Typing 

If you have followed the first step correctly, it means you are in the right position and have adjusted it properly. Once you are done, your “flexed” legs will keep you well-supported and allow you to release the strike.

The ideal place to do this is right in front of you. If hitting in front of you is regrettably not possible, you may hold off a bit longer, and hit high or slightly back, but you will need to alter the ball’s path (but that’s another issue).

Tip 5- Culmination of gesture

Without a gesture culmination accurately, it is impossible to achieve an elegant Forehand.

Consider finishing your gesture in the desired direction once you have touched the ball.

No wonder, once you perfectly used the forehand technique, you will have much more to come back in the game.


If you are a beginner, then you must have to learn all the game rules first and prepare yourself through regular practising, and become a top player.

You should learn all the tactics and techniques to win the game even at the eleventh hour.

Similar to other techniques, the forehand move can help you win a game at the final minute. Read the article above attentively, then start honing your forehand move at home until it is perfect.

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