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How to Keep the Score in Padel- Complete Guide 2023

How to Keep the Score in Padel- Complete Guide 2023

How to Keep the Score in Padel- Complete Guide

how to keep the score in padel

A panel may be a successor of Tennis, but it has its individuality and rules, playing tactics, and winning strategies.

But as a beginner, you must learn to improve your padel skills, including how to hold the padel racket precisely. How to keep the score? And many more tactics.

So, today we will learn basic rules, several usual mistakes, and other things you must know to become a professional from an amateur.

Let’s take a look over the guide;

Basic positioning ethics

improve your tactics in padel

Like other sports, a player’s success in pédal depends on how well they understand their body and how each action affects their potential to score points.

These include keeping a steady continental grip, swinging from the rear and finishing, and adopting an active, elegant, and ready stance to be prepared for anything.

A competent player also works on making sharp turns, hitting the ball properly, and leaving enough room between the back wall and net to serve their balls to prevent injuries.

Plan the correct position to attack the Net.

Padel’s success depends on your ability to advance the ball over the net and get the point.

This entails gaining the ability to prevail in battles for contested net areas. During your back-and-forth passes, you must be able to hold the netted area.

Learn defense and offense tactics.

When you play well in the point game of pédal, your opponents won’t see your ball coming until it’s too late. Making every offensive goal and every defensive hold count is required for this.

Master the fundamental shots.

Padel has a wide variety of shots, but before you try to boost your game, you should become an expert at the fundamentals, such as maintaining track of the ball and returning it to your opponents.

Here are some tried-and-true techniques for playing better rapidly and laying the groundwork for success at higher levels:

As a newbie in Padel, forget about power to win at Padel; you don’t need to make hard hits or leap extremely high. Due to the walls, it can even be to your detriment.

To play Padel, you don’t have to exert yourself very much. It’s been suggested that you can win the game by only using half your strength. Put your attention on making the shots that matter with proper form.

Everything begins with the serve.

A strong serve may get things started, and an ace from your service can award you a primary point and position you for victory.

Serves are crucial weapons because they let you control the set’s tempo. You can position yourself to score or put the opposition in an awkward situation.

You might employ a drop shot or add spin to it to make it more challenging for your opponent to intercept your second serve.

(Husband and wife shot) Spread panic in the center

Most Padel strokes are directed at the player’s opposing side, allowing your rival to anticipate the ball’s approach.

Your opponents will have to cross sectors if you control the center and direct the ball down the centerline, making it unclear who is in charge of sending the ball back.

When to use the Lob return of service in Padel

You can quickly react to an approaching ball in Padel by using the lob movement to send it back in a way your opponent can’t match.

You may stop a ball from bouncing by sending it just enough over the net to annoy your opponents by using this straightforward upward “J” stroke.

Your opponents will only anticipate it if it’s so straightforward and lethal.

Reduce your mistakes to increase your score on the padel court.

For new players, it’s critical to comprehend the laws of Padel because doing so will help them avoid unintentional mistakes and other mistakes that could cost them the game or points.

Working within the rules is crucial for beginners since they offer the fundamental building blocks for success.

You must comprehend the basics of the sport if you want to achieve it right away.

Maximizing your use of patience to win more games

The scoring structure and quantity of sets in a Padel game can make it last an hour at the amateur level. You and your opponents will be worn out by the time the game is through.

When opportunities present themselves, you want to be awake enough to seize them.

Control the walls

Padel players immediately grasp what distinguishes the sport from other racket sports: you discover that the glass, back, and side mesh can be your allies during challenging shots.

The barrizrs can be used to a player’s advantage in Padel, making the balls bounce everywhere and making it difficult for the opponent to whirl around and grab them.

It would help to embrace the walls and the ball that bounces off them and into your racket. Utilizing the walls allows you to be more inventive and rack up points while keeping your opponent in the dark.

Common Blunders of Beginner

Here are several blunders that beginners to the game of Padel frequently make.

They will eventually grow out of these habits and learn from their mistakes, given enough supervision, exposure, and practice.

Ineffective coordination

The dynamic sport of Padel necessitates an intuitive knowledge of physics, your body, and how the two interact.

Most newcomers need help with being either too close or too far away from the ball when it bounces in their direction.

To develop muscle memory on the court, practicing catching the ball and hand-eye coordination is crucial.

Wrong grip

The continental grip, sometimes called the hammer or shaking hands grip, is essential for padel players because it enables them to keep control of their racket.

They gain both flexibility and power as a result.

The wrong posture on the Padel court

Many players find it challenging to react to the ball in time when they are too far from the net. Therefore, they hide close to the service line.

But at that time, they lost their best opportunity to reply.

You may better control your location and decide when to hang out by the wall or the net.


Most players can progress at Padel by simply adopting the proper position, understanding the fundamental shots, selecting the suitable Padel racket and Padel shoes, and taking pleasure in the game.

A committed padel player who receives helpful advice can improve their game and eventually compete with a professional player, albeit it may take some time and work.

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