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Padel Court Dimension Guide

Padel Court Dimension Guide

padel court dimension

Recently, I decided to construct a padel court to play at my place and let others come in. That’s why I visited some padel courts, took all the measurements, and made a complete plan.

I Bought land that was quite feasible for the accurate construction of the padel court. After completing the whole structure, I got a fabulous padel that was perfectly dimensioned.

Though, I should share my whole experience with my readers so they can benefit from it.

Do you also have a plan to construct your padel court? Then you must know that Padel tennis is establishing rapidly not only in the United States, United Kingdom, and Spain but also all over the world.

Moreover, it is increasing because It is feasible for every age group. Today, I aim to guide you through accurate dimension measurement for precise construction.

So, without wasting your precious time, let’s take a look at the guide given below;

Dimension of a padel court

Early on in the development of your project, you should start thinking about the dimensions of your court.

Standards of padel court dimensions

As we all know, all sports standards are decided by the mutual consultation of the International Sports Committee.

Similarly, the IPF (international Padel Federation) regulates the Dimension of Padel courts.

According to them, the size of the court must be 20m or 66ft long, while the width must be 10m or 33ft.

Two hundred square meters, or 2,178 square feet, are included in this space. The court line markers enclose this portion of the playing surface.

Space around the Court

Understanding that some areas must be set aside for the court’s court’s perimeter is crucial for project planning. Professional padel courts must have a perimeter of at least 0,5 meters (1 ft 8 inches) wide for player safety. Recreational padel courts should follow the same advice. Still, as these facilities are not supervised by the IPF or other organizations or other organizations, each recreational facility is free to make its own decision. A padel court has a total space of 231 square meters or 2486 square feet.

Space between Padel court

Facilities with many padel courts should consider how much space they should reserve between them.

Usually, there is no need to reserve any space between courts due to the back and side walls are in surrounding them.

However, padel facilities frequently seek to install bleachers, dressing rooms, or water stations.

Perimeters of the Track

At least 6 meters, or 20 feet, of clear space above the court, measured from its lowest point.

Back and sidewall height

The approximate height of the back wall of the Padel court is 4m or 13ft. Typically, the sidewalls consist of two panels that are stepped at both ends.

The first panel is 4 meters or 13 feet high and links to the back wall. The height of the second panel is 3 meters (10 feet).

The stepped panels on each side of the padel court are connected by a transparent glass wall that extends along its sides and is 3 meters high.

A different design places the sidewall 4 meters high and from the back wall to the back wall.

Line marking

  • Approximately all line is 5cm.
  • The net service line is almost 6,95m or 23ft.
  • A perpendicular line divides the space between the net and the service line into two equally sized halves.
  • About 3 meters or 10 feet separate the service line from the back wall.

Total height

A padel court’s net is 88 centimeters, or around 3 feet, high in the middle and spans the entire court (10 meters, or 33 feet) from one end to the other.

Lightning in Padel court

lightening in padel court

The padel court’s spotlights must be at least 6 meters high to provide adequate illumination.

A padel court must have 400–500 lux of illumination at the very least and should have twice that amount if the game is broadcast on television.

Four lights are required on the padel courts and must be placed outside the court close to the lateral enclosure walls.

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