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What is the difference Between a padel ball and a Tennis ball?

what is difference Between a padel ball and a Tennis ball

What is the difference Between a padel ball and a Tennis ball?

difference between padel and tenis ball

What if you are on the battlefield but don’t know the difference between Sword and dagger? such an awkward moment, right?

Similarly, suppose you’re on a padel court and asking why shouldn’t we can use a tennis ball as a padel ball and everyone is staring at you. Have you ever countered such a situation?

If you are going to participate in padel tennis then before joining you must know some important tips about it, it is mandatory to have some knowledge about its Equipment.

it is a factual point that padel tennis is an innovative form of tennis, so it is normal to have similarities in its equipment.

The two sports may not appear all that different to a beginner in padel, and they do have many similarities.

Even though the padel rules are based on the tennis rules, they are still two very different sports. There is another conflict that arises in the beginner’s mind why couldn’t we use a tennis ball in padel tennis? or are they similar?

So, Today, we are here to dispel your myth that the tennis ball and padel ball are different balls. so, before joining the padel court to play must read this article, so that you could avoid awkward moments among the seniors.

So let’s dig into more details to figure out the difference between tennis and padel ball.

You’ll learn everything you need to know in this post, so you’ll never again struggle to tell if a ball is a tennis ball or a padel ball!

Padel ball VS Tennis ball- Main differences

It might be challenging to distinguish between the balls used in well-known racket sports like padel, pop tennis, and (normal) tennis.

The physical appearance of the padel and tennis ball is the same but other factors would make you feel different. Those differences including:

  • Weight
  • Size
  • Material
  • Bounce
  • Internal pressure

Now let’s elaborate on the above points:

1- Weight

The weight of the padel ball falls between 1.97 ounces and 2.095 ounces, this weight is determined by the International tennis federation.

The weight of a padel ball is grams is about 56g to 59.4, which is quite similar to the weight of a tennis ball. Using different rackets is an obvious thing that makes them different from each other.

Tennis players frequently strike the ball with too much force, forcing it to strike the glass wall of the opposite team (and get called out!).

2- Size (Diameter)

Although the Padel ball and Tennis ball seems to be identical they have slightly different sizes. Tennis balls are slightly larger than padel balls, however, you might not notice this unless you’ve been playing either sport for a while.

The size of the padel ball is 6.35cm to 6.77cm while the diameter of the Tennis ball is between 6.54cm to 6.86cm, so it is a minor difference which cannot be differentiated through the naked eye.

In case, you can assume the same if they fall between 6.54cm to 6.77cm in size. But keep in mind the padel balls are smaller than the tennis balls.

3- Material

Usually, the core of the tennis ball is composed of Rubber and the outside of the body is covered with felt.

The ball’s core is made of rubber, which also serves as its mould and gives it its round shape. The entire ball is covered with felt material, there are 2 different types of felt;

Similarly, the material of the padel ball is the same as the tennis ball, this is the main reason they look similar at first look.

The fact that padel balls are typically produced by the same companies and at the same facilities as tennis balls shouldn’t come as any surprise.

4- Bounce (Rebound)

When comparing padel balls and tennis balls, one distinction between the two is only apparent once you begin playing.

Of course, we are talking about bounce, a Padel ball is a little bit smaller than a tennis ball. Typically, the bounce of a Tennis ball lies between 135cm (53 inches) to 147cm (58 inches).

Once more, the ITF controls this and stipulates that the ball must have this amount of rebound. This is extended to 135-151cm (53-60 inches) for Type 1 (fast) balls.

On the other hand, padel balls are less bouncy and harder than tennis balls, their height of bounce lies between 135 cm to 145cm.

Now, you would be thinking that there is no point yet which could justify the difference between a padel ball and a tennis ball.

Here Internal pressure becomes a factor in that situation.

5- Internal Pressure

veneto padel cup

The most important point which exactly differentiates Padel ball and tennis ball.

The pressure that is being discussed is the pressure that comes with brand-new purchases, and it will diminish with time and use.

So, change the padel balls alternatively. According to International Sports, the federation has mentioned the ideal internal pressure tennis ball 14Psi.

Instead, padel balls have lesser pressure than a tennis ball, the ideal internal pressure lies between 10Psi to 11Psi. This standard of pressure should be available in every new ball.

With more internal pressure more will be the bounce rate and lesser pressure means a lesser bounce rate while personally experiencing padel tennis I realise that the less pressure in padel ball makes it more enjoyable.

Padel ball VS Tennis ball

If your eyes are spinning by reading earlier written information, so for your ease, we conclude it in the table, let’s take a quick look;


Tennis ball Padel ball
Size (Diameter) 6.54cm-6.86 6.35cm-6.77cm
Weight 56-59.4grams 56-59.4grams
Material Rubber and felt Rubber and felt
Bounce 135-145cm 135-145cm
Pressure 14Psi 10Psi-11Psi


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