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5 Reasons to Consider Adding Padel Tennis to Your Racket Club

5 Reasons to Consider Adding Padel Tennis to Your Racket Club

5 Reasons to Consider Adding Padel Tennis to Your Racket Club

There is no particular age for sportsmanship; anyone can play and make their leisure time usable. It is an old proverb,” All the work, no play makes the dull jack boy”.

Similarly, the Padel racket is asserting itself in the sports world because many people are adopting it rapidly. Posing questions is a sign of a healthy intellect. We were therefore confronted with questions like, what can be the “main reason for the fame of Padel racket?

Somewhere, we should figure out,” Why should you consider adding padel tennis to your padel racket”. 

Let’s dig into the details:

In our opinion, there could be five main Reasons behind the rapid popularity of the padel racket:

  • Fun
  • Rapid growth in the UK
  • less competition
  • professional opportunities
  • Great for a healthy lifestyle

Let’s highlight points mentioned earlier that how much they are valid:

1- Fun

The fundamental aspect of adding a padel racket to the racket club could be Fun because if it is not a great source of Fun, it couldn’t be part of even a sport. So being fun full is the main reason behind it.

It can be a great source of Fun at any age for anyone; you would be thinking, how could I know? We have already prepared for this question since it was invented. Nobody I’ve come across has ever stated it’s not for them after playing for the first time.

Padel Tennis as a Hobby?

If you’re considering taking up a hobby for leisure, I recommend giving it a shot first. You’ll fall in love with it and scramble to make reservations.

2- Rapid Growth in the UK

veneto padel cup

These days padel tennis is proliferating in the United Kingdom and not only Uk but also all over the world.

It is absurd how little there is in the UK. The UK barely has between 6,000 and 8,000 players, compared to 4 million players in Spain and 20 million worldwide.

Why beneficial in future?

As the rate of growth has seen for the past few years, I assure you it will hit the road in the UK, so prepare yourself as an athlete now and get in yourself.

The UK’s club creation rate and Padel courts increase yearly. In Sweden and the Netherlands, you will see a craze about padel tennis; I am making this statement based on the rate of joining these clubs, and surprisingly, millions of players are playing it daily.

Why is the UK still Dwindling?

It isn’t easy to pinpoint the exact cause; however, I believe the following factors are the reasons:

  • Many Traditional tennis players and clubs are not accepting it and unwilling to be involved.
  • Due to shortage of Padel club.
  • Lack of acknowledgement (promotion is needed, and our famous players should start playing).

Marketing strategy needed

marketing strategy needed

Just look at what Sweden’s most famous football player Zlatan Ibrahimović is advertising on his social media platforms, which means his millions of followers will give it a go.

Getting someone to play Padel is difficult because once they do, they become addicted, but getting them to play it in the first place is tricky.

3- Less competition

If you are enthusiastic about competing, Padel is an excellent opportunity to participate. Unlike tennis, it is easier to reach a very high level due to the small number of players in the UK.

If you can play with rackets skillfully, have spirit and are young, then with a few years’ training, you can become the best athlete in the UK.

Yet, it is not possible at a universal level because Spain has already grown with 4 million players in this sport.

4- Professional Opportunity 

Here I justify how it is a professional opportunity because it is growing at this time, at its initial stage, so there could be much more business padel tennis needed to succeed.

Suppose you are in your teens like me and confused about your career and what to do for a living, I prefer to play padel tennis due to its urging growth rate, and Opportunities flow my way.

Personal experience

Being an honest writer, if I share my personal experience. I have played it for one year, and the opportunities I got:

  • Own Business
  • Career as a coach
  • UK’s position among players

The above three factors are the key reasons that give me the perception to adopt this sport, and that’s why I am compelling you to join.

5- Great for a healthy lifestyle

Great for a healthy lifestyle

One aspect which is mandatory to mention here is its healthy lifestyle. Yes, it is another attention-seeking point. It is professionally beneficial and makes you fit.

We agree that it is a less demanding sport than others, but it is equally beneficial for making you healthy and fit.

Due to the smaller size of the padel court, there is less opportunity to run than football. But still keeps you fit and healthy.

As much as you play in a week, you no longer need to go to the gym because this physical effort is enough to burn calories and make you fit.

How beneficial for mental health?

Not only responsible for physical fitness but also mental fitness because when you push your mind to think about tricks to win a game, it is suitable for your mind to be healthy.

As we have heard since childhood, “Sound mind has a sound body.”


Here we have provided five reasons to consider adding padel tennis to your racket club. We hope that our words have cleared your queries about it.

We have proved how Padel tennis is beneficial to us in every aspect, but still, if you think that the points mentioned earlier are not enough to convince us to add to your racket club, try it practically and don’t forget to inform us about your experience.

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