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Where to stand in Padel court? Positioning guide

What has Padel made the most significant error? Poor Padel placement.

golden rules at net

You will have trouble on the court if your padel positioning needs to improve. You feel as if you are never in the right location and cannot perform simple tasks like lifting objects off a wall or hitting overheads with accuracy.

What is the most significant error in all of Padel? Incorrect padel placement.

Poor padel positioning will make it difficult for you to play. You have the impression that you are always in the right spot and need help to perform simple tasks like lifting objects off a wall or hitting overheads.

Discuss why posture is crucial in Padel and how to avoid losing games.

How come Padel Positioning is so Essential?

Your positioning at padel has an impact on all of your shots. When you are in the right place at the right moment, your chances of recovering a ball significantly increase.

A few meters apart can significantly alter the situation. Have you ever participated in a coaching session when you were given 40 balls?

Why is this so much simpler than playing a game? Because you are perfectly positioned for the balls, and the balls are in the exact location.

We must always be in the appropriate location.

use appropriate location

When played properly, padel is very simple. You must put all of your attention into moving your feet and getting to each ball before you can hit on any shot.

I observe that someone swinging before being in the appropriate position is a standard error, particularly on the rear wall.

Move First, Hit Later

Planning is crucial! You must move your feet and set up your racket as soon as the ball comes your way. You are setting yourself up for failure if your movement needs to be more active.

Two instances where this is essential

– When you are at the net, and you receive a high ball:

Moving your feet back as quickly as possible will help you play your bandeja or above. Get behind the ball; things won’t go smoothly if you strike off balance.

2 – At any time, whether using the side or rear wall.

If you put your feet in the right spots early, you can dig more balls than you think.

Never lean toward a ball; instead, move and then strike. You do not require a giant swing! You have plenty of time to reach the ball.

What Defense Position Is Best?

We should always be on the defensive. You may win the net by playing solid defence in Padel.

So where do we stand now?

Consider momentarily that the opposition is at the net while we defend. We must remain between the white line and the glass, directly behind the white line.

Many players advance or retreat too far, which makes it more difficult for us to defend and decide whether to play before or after the wall. See how the players in red are positioned in the image below.

How should I stand regarding the back wall?

The bounce off the back wall is affected by the following factors:

  • (Big factor) Speed
  • (Big factor) Spin
  • Angle (key component)
  • (Medium factor) Height
  • Temperature (minor component)
  • Conditions (a significant factor): wet or dry

For the sake of argument, assume that it is dry. Read this post outside if you want to learn how to play Padel, in this post.

Let’s examine each factor in detail.


How quickly was the ball struck? You go further, and the ball will fly off the rear wall more quickly the faster it moves.


You need to get lower and closer to the wall to dig the ball out if there is a slice. As an alternative, when using topspin, you must move forward, and because the ball may kick out to the right, you must also advance to the right.


Which way did the ball enter the air? If there is a sharp angle, you should move out of the ball’s path so it won’t come your way.


The ball will move farther forward if it strikes a higher portion of the glass. Therefore, you should move even further forward.


In warm weather, you’ll need to move forward more since hotter balls bounce more; in cold weather, you must position yourself lower and closer to the walls.

Tips for Corner Padel Positioning

You can finally live with one wall, but now you have to figure out how to deal with two. Many gamers find this to be frustrating! They frequently have trouble defending the corner.

Again, the posture for the corner is the same as for the back wall; you must assess the same elements, and it all starts with situating your feet correctly.

For defending the corner, there are two choices when the rear wall is struck after the ball strikes the side wall.

The options are two.

1- Turn the ball around 360 degrees, then begin to play.

2- Defense involves moving outside and away from the walls.

If the back wall is struck first

Therefore, we discussed positioning yourself in a padel if the ball strikes the side wall first. But what about the back wall?

Once more, the advice to “move first, then hit” is ESSENTIAL in this.

People need help since they must move out of the ball’s path before approaching it.

Again, we have the same choices: either we perform a 360-degree turn and play or walk to the side and play.

benefits and drawbacks of turning versus not turning

When turning:


  • Your motion is natural as you pursue the ball.
  • When you are closely observing something, it can be simple to respond.


  • Since you are not facing ahead, you cannot see the adversaries.
  • possible dizziness
  • Training is challenging because you want the customer to feel free and safe while doing it.

Due to turning not:


  • simpler motion
  • You can see your adversary.
  • Less movement is necessary.


  • difficult to predict where the ball will go

To play Relax

Relax and do what is best for you, but remember that with our positioning, we must be quick and have early movement. Moving out of the way of the ball may be necessary initially.

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