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How to choose your padel shot?

How to choose your padel shot

How to choose your padel shot?

Have you grown some interest in playing Padel lately? Are you an amateur tired of using the most overrated padel shots on the court? Are you already sick of the same old predictable shots you’ve been throwing?

It’s time to step up your gameplay already! You must master the fundamental padel shots while attacking your opponent with more complex moves.

If you have no prior experience with padel shots, don’t worry. After reading this article, you’ll be able to hit the ball on the court like a World Padel Tour player!

Fundamental shots in Padel

The fundamentals will always come first in everything. You need to play Padel at a basic level to become a professional.

To guarantee a smooth transition, you must review the fundamentals before moving on to more complex material. Simple shots will always be helpful in all of your games.

One of the most underappreciated but crucial padel shots is the serve. Tennis’ serve is more crucial, yet this move might help you gain the net position immediately.

The Padel serves still need to be practiced, though, by players.

It helps the player make the most of the net position.

The ball’s speed, spin, and direction can all be controlled via a padel serve. Additionally, it allows the server to decide which shot the opposition will take.

Even weak and challenging returns might be forced by a superb service. This creates a simple volley in the early going.

Acing a service also helps a player make their point and puts them on the defensive at the beginning of the game.

Best Padel Serving Method

Best Padel Serving Method

In Padel, there are three factors you should keep in mind when serving the ball:

  1. Time

When serving the ball, take your time and be thorough. Take your time and serve quickly. You’ll have enough stretch to advance toward the net if you give yourself enough time to serve.

When you nailed the time, you can benefit from the net position.

  1. Objective

Your intention is equally vital as you strike the ball during a padel serve. You should have more than just the other side in mind while passing the ball. Your service shot gives you influence over the game.

You can pressure your opponent into throwing weak returns. Additionally, you can instruct them on the shots they need to take to return the ball.

In the game’s early stages, a good service might assist you in setting up an easy rally and making your point.

  1. Placement

It’s also crucial to consider your body’s position during and after serving the ball. As you strike the ball toward the net, you can step forward and place the ball in front of you.

The ball’s trajectory will also be influenced by how you swing your racket and how level it is as you swing. The ball should ideally only slightly arc over the net.

Positioning Yourself Properly When Serving in Padel

How your body is positioned while you serve can affect the ball’s trajectory and direction. Therefore, you, Padel, must serve with the proper body alignment.

Toss the Ball Forward

Put one foot forward and the other slightly back as you move toward the service. Drop the ball on your front or side after that. AVOID bouncing it away from your body further.

Doing this may make sure that your body weight is transferred to the shot. Additionally, you may side-swing your paddle with ease and accuracy.

Recover the racket before striking.

Remember to swing the racket back when you blow the ball for impact. You’ll acquire strength and sufficient swing speed as you approach the ball.

Waist-level contact with the ball

Be cautious not to strike the ball too high or too low as you contact it. On the other side of the padel court, blowing the ball at knee or ankle level would force it to rocket up and bounce higher than anticipated.

On the other hand, you can send the ball out at a shallower height when you strike the ball at waist level.

Play the ball flat.

A straightforward yet efficient method of serving the ball is to serve it flat. Additionally, it will aid in maintaining the ball’s optimal height as it approaches your opponent.

During a serving, AVOID attempting trick serves and difficult sidespins. It won’t improve your game; it will only worsen things.

As You Get Ready for a Rally, Advance

Step a few steps forward and establish your attack stance after fully swinging toward the ball. This provides you plenty of time to join forces with your adversary.

Your preparation to pass the ball back to your opponent can be delayed if you wait for the ball to cross the net.

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