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Is Padel a good workout?

Is Padel a good workout

This morning, I conversed with my friend Rosemary while enjoying our coffee. She was curious about whether playing Padel could be considered good exercise. Rosemary believed that since a tennis court is more significant than a padel court, it would require more running per point. On the other hand, the extended rallies in Padel would keep you running for a longer duration. To settle our debate, we turned to Google for some answers.

So, is Padel a good form of exercise? Padel can provide a beneficial cardio workout, which is relatively low impact compared to other racket sports. The size and layout of the court encourage lengthy rallies, which means that a significant portion, around 75% or more, of the time spent on the court is actively engaged in play. In contrast, beginner tennis players typically spend only about 25% of their court time in active play.

For physical activity to be an effective workout for most individuals, it must be an activity they enjoy. Even if an activity fulfills all the requirements for fitness, if it fails to bring any enjoyment, it will not serve as an effective form of exercise.

Padel Brings Joy

Padel Brings Joy

One of the main reasons why Padel is considered a great form of exercise is because it is fun, especially for beginners. Unlike racquetball, squash, or tennis, Padel requires less intense physical effort. The playing surface, made of AstroTurf, slows down the ball after it bounces, making it easier to hit.

The setup of a padel court, with two players on each side and walls surrounding the court, leads to longer rallies, which adds to the enjoyment, even for those new to the sport. Additionally, two players on each side of the net mean picking up the ball and starting the next point is much quicker.

In contrast, when beginners try tennis, they spend as little as 15 minutes out of an hour on the court playing rallies. However, active play takes up to 45 minutes or more out of an hour on a padel court.

Even at the tournament level, tennis rallies are at least ten shots. In comparison, padel tournaments often have rallies of more than 20 shots, with rallies of 60 or more common among professional players.

Padel is easily accessible.

When I first started learning tennis, the service was a complicated sequence of movements that took me a long time to grasp. Unfortunately, during my initial games, I continuously lost my service game without my opponent touching the ball, mainly due to numerous double faults. This lack of success was discouraging for me.

However, my experience with padel was utterly different. The underhanded service with a bounce before hitting the ball made executing it much more manageable. Additionally, it was also easier for my opponent to return the service.

As a result, my very first service point in Padel led to a satisfying rally of around ten shots, which was quite impressive for a beginner like me. I am trying to remember if I won that point, but avoiding four consecutive double faults in my first service game felt terrific.

Because Padel allowed for rallies with multiple shots right from the beginning, I quickly learned how to hit the ball effectively. This rapid improvement surpassed my progress in any other racket sport I had previously attempted.

Moreover, a unique aspect of Padel that I have experienced multiple times is the opportunity to hit the ball on my second attempt successfully. Allow me to elaborate. Sometimes, I would completely miss the ball as it approached me. However, when the ball rebounded off the back wall at a slower pace, I was given a second chance to hit it within the same point. Remarkably, this was entirely within the rules of Padel.

Padel encourages social interaction.

Padel is a unique sport exclusively played in doubles, making it the only team racket sport I know. Because it is a team sport, constant communication with your partner on the court is crucial.

When I first started playing Padel, I noticed that hitting the ball straight up the center of the court was often the easiest way to score points compared to hitting it wide. Not only was it easier to do, but my opponents would often stand and look at each other, assuming their teammates would hit the ball.

The small court surrounded by walls brings all four players in close proximity to each other. This creates a friendly atmosphere where conversation and laughter between points are common.

I am a beginner in Padel. Making wayward shots was more common than successful ones, resulting in plenty of laughter around the court.

Furthermore, the Padel is an excellent sport for families to bond and interact. It is common to see children, parents, and grandparents sharing a court.

Padel is suitable for youngsters and older adults, making it a fantastic sport for people of all ages.

Due to the use of short-handled, lightweight padel rackets, this sport is accessible to children. I have observed kids as young as four years old enjoying a game of Padel. Engaging in Padel from a young age teaches children the value of teamwork.

Moreover, Padel helps children enhance hand-eye coordination by teaching them to anticipate the ball’s movements as it bounces off the court’s walls. They also learn about the Magnus Effect, which explains how a spinning ball curves through the air.

For the older generation, Padel offers a unique opportunity. How many sports allow you to team up with your grandchild and play a competitive match?

Compared to sports like tennis, padel is less physically demanding but still offers a range of motion exercise for both the upper and lower body. Additionally, engaging in Padel is mentally stimulating.


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