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How to put a grip pad over a padel racket?

How to put a grip pad over a padel racket

How to put a grip pad over a padel racket?

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Are you a native player of Padel tennis? Do you perform in tournaments? Then you must know how important the grip pad is for playing smoothly on the court. If you are playing the padel rackets without a grip pad, you are at great risk of slipping the racket or losing grip.

Are you finding grip pad? and the method to install it on the padel racket? Don’t worry about that because today we are here with the complete guide to help you, in which your all queries will be answered.

First of all, let’s have a look at the types of grip pads:

1- Overgrips

2- Undergrips

3- Replacement grips

Let’s dig into the details;


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The most typical method in padel is to keep the original grip attached to the racket in place and add an overgrip. Therefore, if you have purchased a new Padel racket, we advise that you install an overgrip on top of the racket’s original grip.

Thickness of Overgrips

The overgrip, as the name suggests, is placed over another grip. Therefore, the grip’s thickness must fit your hand. The racket shouldn’t slide around in your hand if you have a good overgrip. Since padel rackets often come from the factory with a one-size grip, it’s critical to consider the grip’s size concerning your playing hand. Generally speaking, when using a typical original grip without squeezing tightly, the grip size should allow you to insert your pinky finger between your fingertips and the pad under your thumb.


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A racket shaft should have an under-grip inside it. ng One interesting feature is that you can replace the original grip, and any other preferred grip can be used. An excellent under grip works like a shock absorber, which helps to reduce vibrations while hitting the ball, which results in the prevention of injuries.

There is a huge variety of under grip available with different thicknesses. But the most commonly used type is Bulipadel Hesacore, which comprises a covering composed of rubber that tends to absorb stroke vibrations.

Replacement Grip

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The Replacement grips come with the rackets; we sincerely suggest that you only replace them if they are damaged by themselves by playing.

As the name shows, “Replacement Grip,” which can be replaced. Usually, there is an opportunity to replace the genuine grip with a replacement grip composed of PU foam.

Method to put grip pad over a racket

  • Remember! When you put a grip pad over a racket, start it at the bottom of the shaft.
  • Ensure you have started it for the thin end, which should already be cut from the start.
  • Once you have done wraping, remove the extra grip.
  • An important put the grip over a racket is if the player is right-handed or left-handed.
  • The right-handed player must put it in the right hand.
  • Whereas a left-handed person should wrap it on the opposite side.
  • In the case of Hesacore and X-grip, the above points are unimportant because the cover, made up of rubber, is symmetrical.


Another point that should be considered regarding overlap is that you can adjust the thickness according to your requirement.

The minimum overlap should be 50/50 for the beginning point.

Recommended Thickness of Padel Racket Grip

Fixing the standard thickness of a grip for an individual is not proven to be an ideal way because everyone has their preferences.

So, overall the crew of took a risk and gathered reviews from people and concluded below what standard thickness should be ideal for an individual:

  • Ladies’ hand: Usually, an original grip with which the racket is born is enough for such an individual. But if you still want some more thickness, then one overgrip wrap is enough because as thin the grip, it gives Lady/junior hand more grip.
  • Men’s Hand: Over an original Grip, just 1 one overgrip minimum to 50/50 overlap would be ideal.
  • Men’s large hand: For a giant hand, two overgrips wrapped over the original grip of the racket would be suitable.


There is great competition in the market due to a lot of variety, so instead of losing mind in this conflict of best, scroll through our website, and you will get every aspect related to padel racket here.

As our today’s article focused on” how to put a grip pad over a padel racket,” we described the method to put it and figured out the most popular three types of grip.

The above information will be helpful to you in putting a grip pad in a better way.

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