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How to choose the best padel racket to buy?

How to choose the best padel racket to buy

How to choose the best padel racket to buy?

Choosing the Best Padel Racket: Expert Guide

Selecting the right Padel racket can be tricky. Are you also looking for tips to find the right one? That’s a great idea to search on the Internet because, without information when you visit the market, every shopkeeper would try to sell their material using their sales pitch.

Today, we have covered a complete range of Padel rackets to make you:

1- well informed

2- enable you to choose the right one

3- be sure about your choices

let’s dig into further details:

There has been great competition in the market in the race for the best one; every second brand is trying to assert itself. But stop here, take a deep breath, and stop losing your mind in this conflict. Because the crew of vpc have got hands-on experience for your ease, so be with us till the end of the article.

But before we dive into details, let’s highlight the importance of choosing the right padel racket; why is it important to choose the right one?

Let’s discuss:

Having the right padel racket boosts your confidence level on the court and empowers your game; rather than if you select the incorrect racket, this will not only be responsible for losing yourself on the padel court but also can harm you physically.

So to choose the right padel racket, you must follow the key steps you have considered while searching.

Remember, no racket in the market meets everyone’s needs. First cross check your preferences:

1- How frequently do you play?

2- Are you a tournament player?

Have a look!


The shape of padel rackets is one of their key features because it can significantly affect the game’s style. Generally speaking, there are three categories of shapes:

shape of padel racket

1- Round

Control padel rackets are circular ones. It is distinguished by having a larger sweet spot in the middle of the padel racket than the other variants (by “sweet spot”, we mean the optimal place where the ball should land to get a successful hit). The round padel rackets are, therefore, perfect for all levels of players, especially novices.

2- diamond 

Padel rackets with a diamond shape are power rackets. They are perfect for more seasoned players who desire more force when striking the ball, either because they lack force or because they prefer a lot of bounce. The drawback of doing it this way is that they have less control because the sweet spot is smaller and is near the racket’s tip.

3- Teardrop

Balanced padel rackets are teardrop-shaped padel rackets. This is so that they have the ideal balance of power and control thanks to their design, which was created by combining round and diamond padel rackets. This type is advised for players with some experience and a more balanced game, meaning they only require a little control or power.

Balance of padel racket

Your balance will also depend on the shape of your padel racket. The level of steadiness of the padel racket is what we mean when discussing balance. Similar to the forms, there are 3 primary types as well:

1- Low Balance

Padel rackets with a medium balance weight on the head and handle. Comparatively speaking, this weight is spread more equally than on high- and low-balance paddle rackets. These padel rackets, which are typically teardrop-shaped and offer the ideal blend of power and control, are the most common.

2- Medium Balance

Padel rackets with a medium balance weight on the head and handle. Comparatively speaking, this weight is spread more equally than on high- and low-balance paddle rackets. These padel rackets, which are typically teardrop-shaped and offer the ideal blend of power and control, are the most common.

3- High Balance

The weight of the high-balance padel rackets slopes slightly in the direction of the head, providing more force. These padel rackets typically have a diamond form.

 Flexibility and Material

Another crucial factor while choosing a padel racket must check the rigidity of the surface and the flexibility level of the padel racket by applying pressure on it. The material used in the product’s composition obviously impacts it. Thus, we discover:

1- Soft padel Rackets

  • Fibreglass is the basic material used to compose a Soft padel racket.
  • The reason to use this material is that it increases its flexibility.
  • When a soft racket hits the ball, it bounces higher.
  • Moreover, when This racket touches the ball, it restores more energy.
  • Soft padel rackets are considered ideal for newcomers.

2- Hard padel racket

  • The hard padel racket is composed of carbon fibre.
  • Nonetheless, carbon fibre is rigid and less flexible than fibreglass.
  • Usually, soft padel racket has a neglectable amount of carbon.
  • A hard padel racket can be use used for a long time.

Weight padel racket

Weight is also an important factor that should be noticed while selecting the right padel racket. The standard gram of the ideal racket has yet to be fixed; that’s why it is completely up to a player’s priorities.

From the weight perspective, two categories are seen: light and bulky. Whereas a lighter racket will be responsible for proper control and low strength. Instead, a bulky padel provides more power. That’s why an old and expert player must prefer bulky padel.


Another factor I would like to mention here is the cores, which are responsible for the formation of the upper layer of the racket. The preferable types of rubbers:

1- FOAM. The rackets in which the upper surface is made of foam are called soft-touch rackets. This feature made it flexible and cost-effective and also low quality.

2- EVA. The most often used type of core is EVA. Instead of foam, it is more resistant and strong.

Our Last words

We have probably mentioned a minor detail about “How to choose the best padel racket”. Please read the details mentioned above carefully and keep them in your memory while visiting outlets.

At this point, we are grateful to have you at the end of the article and hope to read this, and You will be able to find the ideal one for you.

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