How to play Padel in Rain?

How to play Padel in Rain

As winter approaches and rain becomes a regular occurrence, the state of the padel courts will be affected. While playing in light rain may still be possible, avoiding playing on a soaked court altogether is advisable. To adjust to the challenges of playing in wet weather, consider the following factors: In terms of preparation, wear […]

Why is the Padel racket so expensive?

Why is the Padel racket so expensive

Are you interested in purchasing a new Padel racket? Numerous options are available for you to explore, each with its advantages and disadvantages. However, one common factor among all of them is their high price. You may have wondered why Padel rackets are so expensive. There are several reasons behind their costly nature, and this […]

 What is the best Angle to play Padel service?

 What is the best Angle to play Padel service

When I began playing Padel, I saw my service as a chance to secure a point instantly. However, as I faced more skilled opponents, I learned that my powerful service could be easily handled. To maximize the effectiveness of your padel service, the ideal Angle to serve from is near the centreline. This not only facilitates […]

What is the difference between Padel and Pickleball?

The comparison between Padel and Pickleball is inevitable due to their increasing popularity in sports. Padel is experiencing the most rapid growth globally, while Pickleball is the fastest-growing racket sport in the United States. To determine the extent of their overlap, I conducted a search on Google to gather information. Upon closer examination, it becomes […]

Is Padel a good workout?

Is Padel a good workout

This morning, I conversed with my friend Rosemary while enjoying our coffee. She was curious about whether playing Padel could be considered good exercise. Rosemary believed that since a tennis court is more significant than a padel court, it would require more running per point. On the other hand, the extended rallies in Padel would […]

How to Return a padel service after the glass?

How to Return a padel service after the glass

The return of service that posed the most significant challenge for me to master in Padel was the one following the ball bouncing off the side glass. Unlike any return I had experienced in other racket sports, this technique was wholly novel and required its own set of skills. It truly stands out as a […]

What is the wrist pronation in the Padel?

What is the wrist pronation in the Padel

Pronation in padel tennis In padel tennis, wrist pronation refers to rotating your wrist from a position with the palm facing upwards to a position with the palm facing downwards. This specific movement technique generates the utmost power when executing a padel serve. To properly pronate your wrist during a padel serve, follow these steps: […]

What is the fridge in Padel, and what Tips to avoid? 

Last winter, I recall playing a game of Padel on an open-air court. The floodlights illuminated the surroundings, while the snowy mountains provided a crisp backdrop. At one point, my opponents exclusively targeted my partner, leaving me idle and motionless. As a result, I began to feel a chill creeping over me, as though I […]

How to Play the Chiquita in Padel- Tips and Tricks?

How to Play the Chiquita in Padel

When you begin playing Padel, you quickly notice that rallies tend to last longer than other racket sports, thanks to the smaller court and four-player format. Instead of aiming for an immediate winning shot, focusing on altering the game’s pace is more effective. This tactic allows you to gain an advantage in the point and […]

What are the types of carbon in the Padel Racket?

What are the types of carbon in the Padel Racket

Today, let’s discuss how the quality and types of Carbon can affect the performance of the padel racket. When choosing a padel racket, players often wonder about the best material. The market has seen advancements in the materials used for manufacturing padel rackets, with Carbon now dominating the scene. Carbon is known for its excellent properties that enhance […]