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How to play Offensive Lob in Padel?

In Padel, the offensive lob is a rapid, low lob played with a lot of slice spin. Because of its speed and spin, the ball stays substantially lower after bouncing, denying the net opponent enough time to get underneath it to perform a smash.

The Offensive Lob: Why Is It a Powerful Padel Shot?

how to play offensive lob in paddel

The conventional lob is a defensive padel shot employed as a last-ditch effort to regain position while the ball is still in the air. The goal is to move into the net position by pushing your opponents away from the plan.

When playing the classic lob, you are frequently pressed against the back glass and have no room to swing your back.

The offensive lob, on the other hand, is an offensive shot. And as we all know, the most effective form of defence is frequently an attack.

Who Needs to Master the Offensive Lob?

In Padel, the offensive lob is best left to more seasoned players. Beginners should practice the regular lob first before playing their defensive shots from far behind the white line.

The ability to play their opponent out of position and play faster balls with slice-spin are talents that more experienced players have honed.

Learn how to read the padel court to determine when to play the offensive lob.

The offensive lob is particularly effective when an opponent drifts too close to the net. Playing several shots to your opponent’s feet will help you accomplish this. If you keep doing this, your opponent will advance to volley those low balls more often.

This lets you outrun your opponent with a quick, low offensive lob.

When to use the offensive lob depends on how well you read your padel opponent.

The lob is traditionally considered a weapon that can force shorter players away from the net while securing the net position for oneself. Because of this, the women’s game at the professional level on the World Padel Tour tends to feature a lot more lobs. As long as they can get beneath the ball, male professionals also frequently play power and kick smashes from wherever on the court.

An attacking lob can be useful if your opponent can play a power smash from anywhere on the court because they won’t have time to get under the ball to play it.

How to Prepare in Padel for the Offensive Lob

It would be best if you played the ball low to your opponent’s feet in order to play the offensive lob effectively. Then, while they are moving forward, you play an aggressive lob that rapidly flies over their heads to capitalize on their momentum.

What Sets the Offensive Lob Apart from The Regular Lob In Padel?

The racket should be held with the face facing up when playing the standard lob. After that, you play through the ball by moving from low to high.

To generate the height, you need to get the ball over your opponent’s head when using the offensive lob, point your racket face more towards the direction you wish to smash the ball.

Is It Simple to Smash in Padel Against an Offensive Lob?

A good smasher who can kick-smash the ball out of the court from practically any place will require time to correctly position themselves under the ball before playing their power smash.

When you use the offensive lob, you deprive your opponent of the opportunity they require to get under the ball properly.

During the Padel Point, are you able to play the offensive lob?

Before playing the offensive lob, your opponent must be out of position for it to be genuinely effective.

Your opponents will be in the greatest possible position to handle practically any ball thrown at them at the beginning of the point.

It would help if you had time to develop the argument and gradually shift your adversaries’ positions.

How Can I Lob in Padel and Have the Ball Stay Low After the Bounce?

Any shot may be made to keep the ball low after it bounces by applying slice spin.

You must keep in mind that the ball tends to go much further before bouncing. The offensive lob is a challenging shot to execute well because of this. You need to practice your shot without hitting the ball too.

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