How to smash into the Fence in Padel?

I’ve noticed more players playing the Smash to the Fence in World Padel Tour competitions lately. It is a highly effective approach to score a point quickly. I didn’t realize that because it is played slower and with more control than power smashes, and it is a beautiful attacking smash to master initially. To quickly […]

Is Padel a fad or a serious sport? 

Padel is, without a doubt, extremely popular in Spain, coming in second only to football (soccer) regarding participation rates. Beyond the boundaries of Spain, membership is lower but expanding tremendously quickly. However, whether Padel is more than just a fleeting trend is still unclear. Padel is a lasting trend. Since its inception in 1969, the […]

Can you Play Padel in winter?

Why is Padel winning over all ages of people all across the world? Let’s figure out: Padel has a sizable following. It was only recently discovered and has gained so much popularity that there is even discussion of it becoming an Olympic sport. Its appeal stems from a few specific factors: Playing is enjoyable Four […]